A Binary Option is a financial derivative that can refer to different underlying assets. Unlike most other financial products, with a Binary Option your potential profit or loss is known before opening your position.

How does this work?

As the name suggests, there are only two possible outcomes when trading in Binary Options. Either you have anticipated the price movement correctly, in which case you will receive your initial investment plus the agreed upon payout, or your prediction was incorrect and your option expires causing you to lose your investment. For further explanation, a detailed example can be found HERE.

With Binary Options, you can invest in the price of the underlying asset either rising or falling. BDSwiss has divided the available underlying assets into four categories: currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks.

Binary Options with BDSwiss

As a BDSwiss customer you enjoy a huge selection of more than 250 underlying assets and have the opportunity to invest in the price movements of the most popular underlying assets. Aside from the “classic” Binary Option, BDSwiss also offers other formats so you can customize your desired trade according to your preferences. A detailed description of how our different formats work can be found HERE.

Please note that Binary Options represent a financial derivative to a specific underlying asset and this in no way leads to authorization to actually buy or sell the underlying asset.

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